Training and Team Development

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  • The REMM Group commitment to training, motivation and team development creates a culture of excellence.
  • We provide the tools our associates need to succeed and we monitor and reward their success.
  • The REMM Academy of Training and Development conducts monthly educational courses for all REMM associates.
  • Weekly regional meetings focus on the profitability of each asset.
  • Team meetings maximize communication.
  • Each quarter we present in depth manager, maintenance and leasing workshops.


  • Our leadership team provides mentoring to educate and support fellow associates.
  • Competitive sales contests drive occupancy and team moral.
  • We reward Leaders of the Pack, Top Tier and ROAD Reporting Excellence.
  • Quarterly team building activities create a sense of community within our staff and provide a supportive environment.
  • Our associates contribute to the growing value of the community they manage and share in the feeling of accomplishment.
  • We provide the opportunity to advance within our company.


  • We provide clear expectations, communication and performance reviews.
  • We conduct phone and physical mystery shops to make sure the REMM standard of excellence is maintained throughout our organization.