Multifamily Marketing Revamped

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Multifamily Marketing Revamped

The REMM Group’s Windell Mollenido discusses the pandemic’s transforming effect on how rental properties are marketed today.

Evelyn Jozsa, April 15, 2021.
Picture of Marketing Director Windell Mollenido
Windell Mollenido, Director of Marketing, The REMM Group. Image courtesy of The REMM Group.

Multifamily marketing is all about creativity, but the whole concept of ingenuity has been redefined since the pandemic hit, shifting almost entirely into the realm of the digital sphere. In-person tours were replaced with virtual tours and virtual workout webinars took the place of gyms.

While COVID-19 forced the industry to change fast and roll out new technology, maintaining a sense of community remained crucial, according to Windell Mollenido, director of marketing at The REMM Group. “The human experience is always the star of the movie and technology plays a supporting role,” Mollenido said.

With more than 18 years of digital marketing experience, Mollenido dives into what COVID-19 meant for multifamily marketing and reveals the most challenging decision he’s had to make since the onset of the health crisis.